8 Ways How to celebrate Father’s day 2019

8 Ways How to celebrate Father’s day 2019

how to celebrate Father’s day

how to celebrate Father’s day

1st Way Golf Game:

The family as a whole can go out for a golf game. The extended families can be invited and everyone can go. The children can perhaps try to learn a little bit of golf themselves.

How to celebrate Father’s day – All dads like some sport or another, if there is a big game happening of the sport that he likes, then there is nothing like surprising him with tickets to the same. He will have loads of fun and so will you. If there is no game happening then one can download a legendary match of the same game and watch it again.

2nd way Bowling:

Bowling is a good option as the difficulty level is somewhat same for everyone. The kids always enjoy bowling and fathers generally like the activity as it keeps everyone involved at the same time.

3rd Way Fishing:

Fishing is always a good time, it is inexpensive and also a relaxing day. If you and your dad both can’t fish, it will not really harm to have a good day by the water. There will be cherish-able memories that will last the both of you a lifetime.

If you both are not the sports kinds, it is okay to just go to the park and sit for a while. You could choose a park where he used to take you as a child. It is impossible that you two have never played catch before, then try to recreate those memories.

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4th Way Go to Historic Place:

If there is any historic place that your dad loves going to then you should take him there and see what he finds so attractive there. He will like it that you are making an effort to spend time with him.

5th Way Bike Ride:

You and your dad could take a bike ride, it is healthy and happy activity to do together. You could both take a slow ride in the park or maybe even race.

6th Way Make a piece of furniture:

How to celebrate Father’s day – Try to make a piece of furniture of show piece for the house that you both live in. If your dad likes to build his own furniture, then he will love the idea

7th Way Trip Family:

Since Father’s day is celebrated on a Sunday, it is always possible to get away to a close by hiking spot for a small break. Plan the trip well and you will end up having quality time family.

8th Way Watch Movies:

Movie marathons are always welcome. You could always have a night full of movie and sleep the entire day and be lazy for a change. The Entire point of the day is to spend time with your father, no matter which of these ideas you pick, you have to make sure that you celebrate Good Father’s day 2019.

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